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    Thank you for your interest in Kickoff Couture. We LOVE our retailers and strive to provide you with unique, fun and fabulous game day and state spirit apparel.

    To apply as a retailer, please fill out the application on this page and submit for review. Please keep in mind that we give preference to retailers who have a storefront and will only allow a few "online only" retailers at any given time. Once your wholesale account is approved by our sales staff, log in information will be emailed to you and you will be allowed to order directly from our website. We require a minimum opening order of $500, and a per style minimum of 6 pieces, but sizing may be mixed. For re-orders and sale items, the opening order and per piece minimums do not apply. For any pre-orders placed, cancellation within a two week window of the ship date is not allowed.

    When requested, we will do our best to provide area protection within a 2 mile radius in metropolitan cities. For communities with populations below 30,000, we will allow only one primary retailer at one time. To retain territory protection, retailers must maintain a minimum $2,500 paid invoice balance from the previous 12 month period. Failure to purchase the minimum $2,500 in merchandise within the 12 months eliminates area protection. We also reserve the right to sell designs not bought by our primary retailer to other retailers in the area on a case by case basis. We do our very best to ensure that designs are not cross sold within a 2 mile radius. If you have any questions, please contact us at info@kickoffcouture.com. Thanks, again, for your interest in Kickoff Couture!


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